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Costa Rica Beaches

The Costa Rica beaches from Dominical, through Uvita and down to Ojochal, are some of, if not THE, most beautiful and undiscovered beaches in all of Costa Rica. This area of Costa Rica is located in the southern pacific region (Dominical is approximately 25 minutes south of Quepos/Manuel Antonio National Park).

Playa Dominical

Playa Dominical is the most well-known beach in the Bahia Ballena/Southern Pacific area. For decades this beach town has attracted surfers for its amazing waves and has a wonderful, funky, energy/vibe. Not recommended for recreational swimming due to the strong riptides.

Playa Dominicalito

Playa Dominicalito is, as the name suggests, "little Playa Dominical". It is located south of Dominical and is a picturesque beach with easy access from the Costanera Highway. Playa Dominicalito is the launching spot for many whale watching, dolphin watching and SCUBA tours.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is located between Uvita and Playa Dominincalito. It is a large sandy beach with easy access from the Costanera Highway (Highway 34). Playa Hermosa is a great place to watch the sunset and less popular than Playa Dominical.

Playa Uvita/Ballena National Park

Playa Uvita is officially known as Parque Nacional Marino Ballena and has one of the most iconic and recognizable beach formations in all of Costa Rica...the famous "Whales Tail". NOTE: Ballena (pronounced 'bye-zhay-na) is Spanish for 'whale'. There are several access points to this amazing beach. During low tide it is great to go walk out on the famous Whales Tail beach.

Playa Piñuelas

There are several entrances to this beach, but regardless of which entrance is used, this under-utilized beach has an acoustic performance during every high tide.

Playa Ventanas

All around, a perfect mix of family fun, services, size and popularity (not very busy during the week) and because of those characteristics, arguably the best beach in the Osa region. The 'windows' (ventanas is Spanish for 'windows') are an amazing natural phenomenon. More information about Playa Ventanas

Playa Tortuga North


Playa Tortuga South


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Playa Dominical
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