Costa Rica Property Buying

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Buying Costa Rica Property?

costa rica property buying

Let us walk you through the process of purchasing a home, a farm or investment property here in Costa Rica.

BEFORE you sign any contract, send any money, or meet with the seller's lawyers or agents, please contact us and let our team of real estate experts review the documents.

For a small fee, we will thoroughly evaluate the information you have received and determine if the information is correct and what is needed when buying Costa Rica Property. We can also fully represent buyers of real estate, which includes property visits, meeting representation, closing representation and other services as needed.

Our team has over 50 years of real estate experience and are fully bilingual in Spanish and English.

It is important if you are investing or buying real estate in Costa Rica, that you fully understand the process and the necessary paperwork.

NOTE: We do not list Costa Rica properties for sale. If you are looking for a reliable and honest Costa Rica real estate agent to list and sell your property in the area, please contact us and we can refer a trusted agent to you. Our only focus is the customer and protecting their real estate interests.

Some of the first questions we are going to ask are:

  • Have you seen the official registered plano with Registro Nacional?
  • Have you had an attorney verify that the plano is legal and unencumbered (or other people claiming ownership)?
  • Who is purchasing the property?
  • Are you using a corporation to purchase the property? Whose corporation is it? When was it registered? Have the corporation administration taxes been paid?

Our free advice is not to blindly trust the sellers' agents, lawyers, or representatives. Like all real estate transactions, each party should have an independent representative.

If you are planning on building a home in Costa Rica, we also offer construction management services and can refer you to our most trusted team of engineers and builders. Our construction management services include:

  • Verifying your contractor is certified
  • Ensuring construction is built to design and specifications

    costa rica home construction

    We offer Project Management, Construction Management and custom construction services in Costa Rica.

  • Weekly photo updates

Buying Costa Rica property should be an exciting and life-enhancing experience - not a nightmare. Let us help you!

Experience in the Area

Our team has decades of collective experience in protecting and managing real estate assets in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, particularly in Uvita, Ojochal, Tres Rios, San Buenaventura, Palmar Norte.

We focus on:

We ensure our clients, whether renting a home, or buying Costa Rica real estate to develop, have a positive experience.

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