Parque Reptilandia

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Parque Reptilandia

Parque Reptilandia is a great and safe way to see and learn about many of the reptiles that are native to the southern and central pacific areas of Costa Rica. 

This is a self-guided tour and is a "mini-zoo" which includes many species of frogs, snakes and lizards. It is the best place in Costa Rica to get a close up look at the small and colorful poison dart frogs. The green species are the most commonly found out in the jungles, but the blue frogs and red frogs are rare to see in the wild.  It is the only location in Costa Rica view a Komodo Dragon. 

Additionally, there are crocodiles, turtles and other species that are constantly changing. 

Located near to Nauyaca Waterfalls, and between Dominical and San Isidro del General. 

Cost: $12/adult and $6/child

Photos of Parque Reptilandia

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