Costa Rica Property Buying

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Buying Costa Rica Property?

costa rica property buying

Let us walk you through the process of purchasing a home, a farm or investment property here in Costa Rica.

BEFORE you sign any contract, send any money, or meet with the seller's lawyers or agents, please contact us and let our team of real estate experts review the documents.

For a fee, we will thoroughly evaluate the information you have received from the sellers and real estate agents involved in the transaction. We will determine if the information is correct and what is needed when buying Costa Rica Property.

NOTE: We do not list Costa Rica properties for sale. If you are looking for a reliable and honest Costa Rica real estate agent to list and sell your property in the area, please contact us and we can refer a trusted agent to you. Our only focus is the customer and protecting their real estate interests.

Full Service Buyer Representation

We can also fully represent buyers of lots, homes or real estate. Our team has over 50 years of real estate experience and are fully bilingual in Spanish and English. Our team has experience working at ASADA's, dealing with municipality permits and legal scenarios that many buyers are not aware of. Buyers who choose the 'full service representation' will receive the following services:

  • Pre-arrival (of clients) property visits.
  • Pre-arrival inspections of legal documents from Seller representation
  • Escorted property visits
  • Legal analysis of documents
  • Support throughout the entire purchasing process
  • Special discounted pricing for next twelve months of property management services after Costa Rica property is purchased.

It is important if you are investing or buying real estate in Costa Rica, that you fully understand the process and the necessary paperwork.

Some of the first questions we are going to ask are:

  • Have you seen the official registered plano with Registro Nacional?
  • Have you had an attorney verify that the plano is legal and unencumbered (or other people claiming ownership)?
  • Who is purchasing the property?
  • Are you using a corporation to purchase the property? Whose corporation is it? When was it registered? Have the corporation administration taxes been paid?

We recommend that as a buyer of Costa Rica real estate, is not to blindly trust the sellers' agents, lawyers, or representatives. Like all real estate transactions, each party should have an independent representative, protecting their own interests.

Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal Property Management

Osa Property Management Experts  have lived and managed homes in the region for over 16 years. Not only do we live here, but we are one of the few LEGAL property management companies in the area with legally working, full-time, and fully insured employees (this protects YOU from potential legal problems also).

Our Team will ensure your property is well-maintained and actively rented (if you want to offer your home as a vacation rental).

We are focused on Hatillo, Dominical, Playa Hermosa, Uvita, San Buenas, Chontales and Ojochal property management.

We offer:

We ensure our clients, whether renting a home, or buying Costa Rica real estate to develop, have a positive experience.

Osa Property Management Office