Playa Ventanas

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Playa Ventanas

Playa Ventanas is arguably the most 'balanced' beach in all of Costa Rica.

Ventanas is the Spanish word for 'windows' and playa is the Spanish word for 'beach', therefore, Playa Ventanas means Window Beach. This is the appropriate name for this beach upon arriving, on the north side of the beach, at the base of the mountain that stretches into the beach, there are two naturally formed tunnels that go completely through the mountain - providing two windows through the rock and out to the Pacific Ocean.

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Best Times to Visit Playa Ventanas

Playa Ventanas is increasingly becoming more and more popular due to the ability to park on the beach and with some level of parking lot security. However, there are definitely some best times to visit and enjoy Playa Ventantas. Our recommendations are to visit:

During the middle of the week.

The weekend attracts vacationers, visitors and locals, alike, which fills the beach up with people. However, during the week, there are significantly fewer visitors.

Early in the Morning

If you enjoy a morning walk or run on the beach, Playa Ventanas is a great option. Typically, the crowds don't start showing up until after 9 am. The sun in Costa Rica is up in full force by 5:30 am, which provides plenty of private time at the beach.

During Sunset

Although this is a popular time to visit, the incredible sunset views will make up for the popularity at the beach. Bring your camera and cellphone.

Within an hour of low tide

What makes Playa Ventanas so beautiful and amazing are the windows, however, during high-tide the sea comes all the up the beach, the windows/tunnels are filled with water and the tides are a bit more dangerous.


Playa Ventanas has an ever increasing list of available amenities. There are now bathroom facilities (outhouse), showers to rinse off the sand and vendors that will sell you pipa fria, ceviche and other snacks.

Videos of Playa Ventanas

Below are two videos of Playa Ventanas (we will be adding a new one every three-to-four months). One of the videos is a brief collage of photos and video clips of Nick Halverson and his family visiting the beach. The second video explains and shows why the beach is known as Playa Ventanas.

Photos of Playa Ventanas

For information about visiting Playa Ventanas, please contact us for recommendations and tour ideas.

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