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ocean view vacation rental aventura

Weekend Getaway in Ojochal at Casa Aventura

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Our Weekend in Ojochal

Last week, Nick, the owner of Osa Property Management asked us to stay Friday and Saturday night at a new property they are going to be managing. In exchange for staying at the property, we had to do a little work. This included taking notes of what needed to be fixed or replaced; along with a blog post of our "Weekend Getaway in Ojochal" ....so here it goes...

Arrival at Casa Aventura

On Friday evening we headed over to the house, which is in Ojochal, only 10 min north of our place in San Buenaventura. About 25 meters off the highway, we turned onto the road that goes past this quaint little French bakery/coffee shop and the Ojochal spa (which is amazing and cheap compared to US standards). This strip mall is right across from the Ojochal police department. I never knew it was there before. We drove maybe 1/2 mile up the mountain to the house. However, when I say up the mountain, the road was nowhere near to the length and height of other mountain roads we've traveled. We really thought it was excellent placement for the house, as it supposedly has ocean views but it's really close to Ojochal town, the highway; and there wasn't this horrendous drive to get there.

We're following Abigail, who works for Osa Property Management, and she pulls through this gated entrance and go up a curved paved driveway. We pull up to this free standing two car garage... not something you typically see in Costa Rica--an actual garage with doors!

After we park, Abigail uses a remote control to open the sliding gate to get into the entrance of the house...not even the house itself, but the entrance, which is a covered staircase to lead you up to the house level (NOTE: The house was built on higher ground to get the amazing views). We walk through the door and immediately see the builder's vision for this house. Take a look at this first view as you walk in the front door...

ocean view ojochal vacation rental aventura

Let's not forget the view if you look behind you as you're walking in the front door...yes, that is jungle mountain, which is the 2nd best view in Costa Rica!

weekend getaway ojochal mountain views

As you walk into the house further, you see a comfortable seating area with the TV and these vaulted ceiling with a huge gourmet kitchen with one of the largest islands I've seen in a house (aside from the one I sold back in the US). And all the stainless steel appliances, which again you don't always get in Costa Rica houses. Most homes in Costa Rica may not have an oven, a dishwasher, or a microwave, so seeing all three was awesome, especially because I was cooking for the weekend! This weekend getaway in Ojochal is just what we needed.

Casa aventura kitchen ojochal

Amazing modern kitchen and island. Not something one sees very often in Costa Rica homes.

So many bedrooms...

We start walking around the property to check it out and it's a HUGE house with 4 bedrooms: 1 master suite with a king bed, another, second suite, and then a room with two queen beds. The master had a shower where you could shower inside or outside, which was cool. But I didn't choose that room...not sure why, but that would have been cool to experience showering kind of like in a balcony with these gorgeous views...but I don't know...maybe I'd be kind of shy also...thinking who might be able to see me...of course they probably wouldn't want to!

So we (as in I) chose the room with the King bed that had an attached bathroom (Suite #2). We left the two queen bed room for Abigail and her three kids to share, seemed to make the most sense for them to stay in that room. Our room had a great big sliding door and little balcony with good views, but can't take a shower on this balcony! lol.

weekend getaway in ojochal casa aventura king suite 2

Our bedroom for our weekend getaway in Ojochal.

In going through the house further, there was a bathroom in the hallway, which would be shared by the general living area and the room with the queen beds (Abigail's). Plus there was an office with two desks, not sure why you'd need two desks and a sleeper-sofa. Then there was the laundry room, which is bigger than my spare bed room with a full washer and dryer with lots of cabinets and shelves for storage.

A guest house too? Wow!

Going out the laundry room there was a small stepping stone path that went to a separate guest house....who has a guest house?!?! and this is a guest house at someone's vacation house...I'm in the wrong business! The guest house had a queen bed and separate bathroom. Beside the guest house was the pool utility room with another bathroom...glad I don't have to clean all those bathrooms!

Coming back into the kitchen/living room looking outside was a huge covered veranda that had a couple couches for sitting and a huge table that would seat 12 for dinner!! I guess if you have a house that can sleep 12, you need to have a place to have dinner for 12! LOL.

weekend getaway in ojochal casa aventura veranda ojochal

Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

Just past the veranda was the private pool and Jacuzzi with those amazing views. This is what we enjoyed most - spending time relaxing by the pool with friends and enjoying the moment.

aventura ojochal pool

On Friday night we were pretty tired as we got to the house around 8, so I quickly made lose meat hamburgers for my husband and Abigail and the kids. While we went to bed, Abigail stayed up to talk to some workers about the screens in the house.

Time to Work!

On Saturday morning, we started our work! We quickly went back to our house to check on our animals and grab our good camera to take these amazing photos you're seeing. Then once we were back at the house, my husband took the photos while I made an inventory of the kitchen items. This is so the property management company can recommend to the home owner what things they should buy to help the quests who stay in the future. Then we went on to make a list of the things that need to be fixed in the house before being rented to guests, which were mostly light bulbs, which is good! cheap and easy to fix! Also on Saturday morning there were people there looking at the size of the house in order to estimate the paint job that was going to be happening soon.

Saturday evening, Derrick, who is another Osa rental tenant; and a friend of his came to the house just for Saturday night. They stayed in the master suite, which worked out well as they went swimming after dinner when we all went to bed, so they could use the sliding doors to their room that are off the pool. On Saturday night, I enjoyed cooking for everyone; in that awesome kitchen.... I cooked marinated chicken, rice with beans, green beans and carrots, and asparagus---and we all had a few cocktails...so I splurged and bought some amaretto at the store, even if it was more expensive than the airport!

Sunday morning we got up and changed all the bedding, did laundry, and cleaned up the kitchen. We were tired, so we headed home around 10 and just lazed around the rest of day. The house didn't have internet yet and our house didn't have internet when we got home due to the over night storm (typical Costa Rica), so we were without internet from Friday to Monday am. OMG--how did we survive!?!

Overall, it was a great weekend getaway in Ojochal and fun to spend time with Abigail, the kids, and Derrick (and friend), but we did a lot of work also---so maybe a few weeks before we agree to do this again!! lol.

Amy & Jason McIntosh

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costa rica villas rent no booking fee

No Booking Fee Vacation Home Rentals

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No Booking Fee Vacation Home Rentals In Costa Rica

Osa Property Management has recently joined the "No Booking Fee Vacation Home Rentals" model. This is true for all of the properties we manage in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. Our commitment is to make visiting Costa Rica a great, enjoyable AND affordable experience.

Although we continue to list our properties on VRBO and other vacation home rental websites, including our own site (here), we have also invested in the growth and success of CostaRicaVillasRent.com

no fee vacation home rental site

No fee vacation home rental site dedicated to Costa Rica

Vacation home rental sites like VRBO have quietly been increasing their fees to customers over the past couple of years. Home owners are typically comfortable (to a certain financial point) with paying the hosting company a fee per booked guest. However, VRBO has now started charging the customers an additional fee - a fee which increases the cost to the customer. These fees, when added together can be over 15%!

There are other advantages (from a customer and a home owner's viewpoint) of CostaRicaVillasRent.com versus other sites such as VRBO and airbnb, including:

  • Contact information between homeowner and prospective client are immediately known. Once a prospect sends his/her information on the website, the homeowner or property manager is immediately notified and contact information is known.
  • All payments are handled directly between the homeowner/property manager and the traveler. CostaRicaVillasRent.com does not handle or facilitate payments. This empowers the homeowner/property manager to decide, along with the customer, the best and most convenient way to pay (in terms of how and in terms of timing)

We are financially investing in the new website, so we are committed to its success. If you are a homeowner or property manager anywhere in Costa Rica, please visit the site or contact us for more information.

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enjoying pavones waterfall

Staff Enjoying Pavones Waterfall

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Sometimes we all need a break...even when we live in Costa Rica. Recently a small group from Osa Property Management (and an architect that is working with us on a project) visited and enjoying Pavones waterfall.

This increasingly poorly kept "secret waterfall" is a wonderful place, especially during the warm season, to cool off from the hotenjoying pavones waterfall and humid weather. The pool is crisp and clean and invigorating!! The safest time of year to go swimming in the water is typically during February and March - towards the end of the dry season before the heavy rains start to fall - which fills up the creek.

"The Rock" is a naturally occurring phenomenon, and has been there for as long as anyone can remember. When enjoying Pavones waterfall, all you will need is a pair of sandals, or footwear, that you don't mind getting wet.

Arriving at the Pavones Waterfall is quite simple. Head east from the Costanera Highway, just north of Punta Mala, and follow the gravel road for approximately 5 km (3 miles). The only real landmark between the Pavones waterfall and the Costanera Highway is the first (of two) tilapia restaurants on the road.

Most of the time was spent swimming, relaxing, skipping rocks and talking.

If you are interested in learning on where this waterfall is, or any other tour in the area, please fill out the Contact Us form below. This can be done by yourself and is free.


Experience in the Area

Our team has decades of collective experience in protecting and managing real estate assets in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, particularly in Uvita, Ojochal, Tres Rios, San Buenaventura, Palmar Norte.

We focus on:

We ensure our clients, whether renting a home, or buying Costa Rica real estate to develop, have a positive experience.

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