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esteban vargas chuy

Esteban Vargas

( Repairs & Landscape Lead)
abigail vargas osa property management

Abigail Vargas

( Team Lead: Staffing & Property Management)
hanz cruz san isidro osa property management

Hanz Cruz

( Costa Rica Real Estate Development Consulting Services)
nick halverson osa property management

Nick Halverson

( CEO & Founder)

Our Services

ojochal cleaning lady

Home Cleaning

We can provide you with daily, weekly or monthly home cleaning services. All of our cleaning professionals have been trained and have worked in the area for years.

landscape rocks property mgmt

Landscaping and Yard Maintenance

Weekly and monthly plans available.

pool cleaning costa rica

Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning in Costa Rica Swimming pool cleaning is generally not the highlight of most home owners in the Bahia Ballena region of Costa Rica, however, as a trusted provider of property management services, Osa Property Management can ensure that y

senara costa rica logo

SENARA Consulting

SENARA Consulting Services Official SENARA website SENARA is an acronym that stands for: “Servicio Nacional de Aguas, Riego y Avenamiento” or translated into English “National Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainage Service”. Dep

power washing ojochal

Power Washing

Costa Rica Power Washing Services Living in Costa Rica’s southern pacific zone can be hot and humid, which is a perfect habitat for amazing wildlife, flowers…and mold. Let Osa Property Management’s Power Washing services help bring

asada water aya

ASADA Water Permits

Having troubles with the ASADA Water permit? Did your real estate agent and/or attorney forget to mention the importance of that at the time of purchase? Purchasing property in the Bahia Ballena region should be an exciting time. However, many buyers

Costa Rica News and Information

palmar sur airport may 2019

Palmar Sur Airport May 2019

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Palmar Sur Airport May 2019 Update This is the latest update about the Palmar Sur Airport May 2019, recorded recently from the airport. The video below includes photos and videos of the current status of the airport, along with Abigail Vargas holding one of the LED lights that will be installed on the runway. We

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kayaking in tarcoles river

Kayaking in Tarcoles River

Tags : 

Kayaking in Tarcoles River Costa Rica has many exhilarating adventure options for the adrenaline junkie in your group. However, recently a good friend of ours sent us this video of him taking a group kayaking in Tarcoles River. He shot this video several years ago and wanted others to see it. The Tarcoles River is

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san buenas paved road

San Buenas Road Paving

Tags : 

San Buenas Road Paving On the morning of Saturday, December 15, 2018, I awoke to the distant sound of heavy machinery operating somewhere in the San Buenas area of Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica (“san buena, costa rica” in Google Maps). This isn’t completely unusual right now given that the November storms caused quite a bit

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dominical paved road

Dominical Paved Road

Tags : 

Dominical Paved Road There have been fewer rumored infrastructure projects discussed in the Bahia Ballena/Osa region than whether or not there will be a Dominical paved road or if it will stay as gravel. As one can see, the rumors are finally becoming a reality. As of December 2018 there will be a Dominical Paved

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perez zeledon international airport interview Hanz Nick

Perez Zeledon International Airport

Tags : 

On December 18, 2018, Nick Halverson, owner of Osa Property Management, sat down with Perez Zeledon’s City Council President Hanz Cruz, to discuss the potential Perez Zeledon International Airport. This has been something Perez Zeledon has been working hard on for over four years, and the preliminary work is coming to completion. The embedded video

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Palmar Sur Airport Remodel 2

Palmar Sur Airport Update Dec 2018

Tags : 

Palmar Sur Airport Update December 5, 2018 Recently we made several visits over the course of a week to Palmar Sur in order to provide a Palmar Sur airport update. The remodeling project began in August 2018 and involves many wonderful upgrades and updates from the previous airport terminal. The goal for the construction crew,

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uvita waterfall tour

Uvita Waterfall

Tags : 

Uvita Waterfall Costa Rica, and in particular the Bahia Ballena region, has many beautiful waterfalls. In fact, although there are several well known waterfalls within a short drive or walk from where we live, we are now just beginning to go explore them. Recently we were invited by Abigail Vargas, of Osa Property Management, to

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lisa scott norman costa rica living

Thanksgiving Costa Rica Style

Tags : 

Thanksgiving Costa Rica Style Sometimes, especially during the holidays, I miss my traditional food from back home. Thanksgiving is no exception – well, perhaps, especially Thanksgiving since catching up with loved ones around a large meal is what Thanksgiving has meant to me for years. This year was our first Thanksgiving Costa Rica Style. Living

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costa rica drivers license vehicle

Getting My Costa Rica Drivers License

Tags : 

Costa Rica Drivers License For those who have been following our blogs, you must know by now that my Spanish is very limited. When there is anything that involves the government of Costa Rica, it pays huge dividends to do your due diligence ahead of time. That way, one will be prepared for most anything

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first trip to costa rica

My first trip to Costa Rica (MagicBrad)

Tags : 

I recently took my very first trip to Costa Rica. I have been to Brazil,  Paraguay, Jamaica, Hawaii, Thailand, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, and Bali. But this was my first trip to Costa Rica. My preconceived image of Costa Rica was very green, lush and a rain forest jungle.  So, this is what I

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costa rica villas rent no booking fee

No Booking Fee Vacation Home Rentals

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No Booking Fee Vacation Home Rentals In Costa Rica Osa Property Management has recently joined the “No Booking Fee Vacation Home Rentals” model for all of the properties that we manage in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. Our commitment is to make visiting Costa Rica a great and enjoyable AND affordable experience. Although

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costa rica photo retreat video 2018 card

Costa Rica Photo Retreat Video 2018

Tags : 

We are planning a Costa Rica photo retreat for July 15-21, 2018.  Below is a video for more information. You can find ALL the details on our dedicated website of our Costa Rica photo retreat.

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casa lapas vacation home video

Casa Lapas Vacation Home Video

Casa Lapas Vacation Home Video Enjoy this Casa Lapas Vacation Home Video. Casa Lapas is a three-bedroom Costa Rica vacation villa located in the Osa region of Costa Rica. One advantage of this Costa Rica villa rental is that all three bedrooms are suites. Below are all of the advantages, as can be seen in

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enjoying pavones waterfall

Staff Enjoying Pavones Waterfall

Tags : 

Sometimes we all need a break…even when we live in Costa Rica. Recently a small group from Osa Property Management (and an architect that is working with us on a project) visited and enjoying Pavones waterfall. This increasingly poorly kept “secret waterfall” is a wonderful place, especially during the warm season, to cool off from

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osa property management youtube costa rica

Costa Rica Property Management YouTube

Tags : 

Costa Rica Property Management YouTube Channel Osa Property Management proudly announces our official YouTube channel. Every week or so we will be adding new videos to our video library. According to Nick Halverson, “We want to not only use beautiful photos and great written descriptions of the Osa region on our website and other marketing

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move to costa rica Allred_PlayaUvita01

Making Your Move to Costa Rica

Tags : 

Making your Move to Costa Rica Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit and eventually move especially if you want to get out of the U.S. to a country where the quality of life is excellent, the average lifespan is 79 and there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy and

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costa rica beaches 2018 tortuga

Costa Rica Beaches 2018 Photos

Tags : 

Costa Rica Beaches 2018 Photos The Osa region of Costa Rica has many amazing beaches that are wonderful to photograph. We will be updating these Costa Rica Beaches 2018 photos throughout the entire year. All of these photos are owned by Osa Property Management and their use without written permission is not allowed. However, you

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costa rica event center wedding

The Vision for the Costa Rica Event Center

Tags : 

Costa Rica Event Center We are very excited about a new planned project for the Osa region of Costa Rica which will be a Costa Rica Event Center. The owners of Las Villas de San Buenas have been working for several years on the idea and location for the Costa Rica Event Center, while at

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zipline costa rica dominical

Best Activities in Costa Rica include ziplines and photography retreats

Tags : 

A common question we receive is ‘what are the best activities in Costa Rica’. The answer isn’t so simple. It depends on activity levels and interests, however, we recommend ziplines and retreats. That’s right…retreats Best Activities in Costa Rica There are countless ways to enjoy the amazing country of Costa Rica. Undoubtedly, if you have

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instagram logo horizontal color

Follow Osa Property Management on Instagram

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Follow us on Instagram We have been busy taking and organizing photos and scheduling our feed on Instagram. If you have an Instagram account, please be sure to Follow Us – we will follow you back. Here’s the link to our account (a new page will open) or merely open Instagram on your mobile device,

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costa rica capuchin monkey

How Many Species of Costa Rica Monkey

Tags : 

Costa Rica Monkey Species According to National Geographic, Costa Rica is home to over 5% of the world’s plant and animal species, and included in that amazing list is the four types of Costa Rica Monkey.  Considering there are over 250 different species of monkey found throughout the world, the fact there are only four

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costa rica retreat group pavones

Meetings, Incentive Trips, Events and Excursions in Costa Rica

Tags : 

Cost Rica Incentive Trips are MAGIC! Meetings, sales incentives, team building programs and events taking place in Costa Rica can plan various excursions that take advantage of the magnificent natural beauty and can combine multiple activities and adventure, sports, and other recreational activities. Creating incentive trips around the beauty of nature is always intriguing and

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landscape rocks property mgmt

Costa Rica Landscaping Services

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For home owners in the Bahia Ballena area of Costa Rica (southern pacific zone), it is a constant challenge to keep ahead of the yard and landscaping. I’m originally from the Midwest, United States, where grass grows for half the year, and the other half it is covered in snow. Here in Bahia Ballena, in

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Home building specs costa rica

Most Worthless Question When Building a House in Costa Rica

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Most Worthless Question when Building a Home in Costa Rica Building a home in Costa Rica can be a daunting task that many ex-patriots are intimidated to do. There are, indeed, many steps that need to take place once the decision is made to build a home in the Bahia Ballena area (or any area).

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property management bahia ballena 900x492

Property Management Bahia Ballena

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Osa Property Management is proud to announce we are officially launching Property Management Bahia Ballena region. We have been working behind the scenes for over 18 months working out our processes, working with home owners and service providers to ensure that our customers receive the best service in the area. Additionally, Nick Halverson and Hanz

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What Our Clients Say

Que se puede decir un lugar hermoso, hecho especialmente para el descanso, la atención excelente, la respuesta a cualquier detalle con la casa fue inmediata tanto de Abigail como del encargado de mantenimiento Esteban, definitivamente un lugar para volver.

lapas testimonial h coto thumbs up

Que se puede decir un lugar hermoso…

( Humberto, San Jose, Costa Rica )

Booking process was excellent and Nick the owner, replied every single email in no time. If you’re thinking for a vacation in south Costa Rica, this is a great choice, you’ll have a wonderful time here!

Pura vida rentals costa rica

You’ll have a wonderful time here!

( Familia Madrigal )

Para semana santa estuvo unos dias en una casa en San Buenas, Osa. La casa es preciosa y muy comoda, estuve con mi familia y la pasamos muy bien. Me gusto mucho la tranquilidad y paz que existe en el lugar, además que la casa se encuentra al pie de la montañas, lo que la hace mas interesante. En fin recomiento el lugar para cuaquier persona que la quiera pasar bien y sobre todo a un precio muy razonable.

Jimmy vargas perez zeledon

Mis pequeñas vacaciones

( JVV Costa Rica, Perez Zeledon )

This is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet the house has all the modern conveniences and furnishings to keep you comfortable. Perhaps one of the most relaxing trips we have taken. A true solace.

Thank you costa rica home rental

Perhaps one of the most relaxing trips we have taken.

( Steve & Alana )