EcoSense Costa Rica

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Lower your electricity bill from ICE with an EcoSense Costa Rica air conditioning control system.

How EcoSense Costa Rica Works

EcoSense units are mounted next to any split-unit air conditioning unit. The same electrical line powers EcoSense to the A/C unit, but there is no direct interconnectivity with the insides of the A/C unit. The EcoSense unit is a stand-alone “bolt-on” that ensures that the air conditioner only runs when there are people in the room.

Lower Your ICE Electricity Bills

Costa Rica has one power company that supplies 100% of the electricity to the country. The utility company’s name is ICE – pronounced ‘eeee-say.’ Anyone who has lived in Costa Rica knows that ICE electricity bills never seem to decrease. However, our experience is that once an EcoSense Costa Rica control system is put in place, users can expect to see a decrease of at least 25% in their electricity bills.

EcoSense Costa Rica

Perfect for Property Managers

Property Managers

If you are looking for a professional property management company, let Osa Property Management provide a no-obligation proposal for you.

Where to Buy EcoSense Costa Rica Systems

Homeowners, hotel operators, B&B owners, and property managers can purchase their EcoSense Costa Rica systems RIGHT HERE. Please contact Osa Property Management for a written bid for your electricity, cost-saving needs. We provide discounts for hotels and homes with six or more units.

Visit our EcoSense FAQ Page

It is a very simple yet highly effective solution. Please visit our EcoSense FAQ page to see more details and help lower your ICE electricity bills.