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Ojochal Property Management

Our experience with Ojochal Property Management is extensive and an industry leader. In fact, we are so committed to property management in Ojochal, we chose to open our office in Ojochal. We are located at Plaza Ventanas, Suite #4, Ojochal. Additionally, several members of our staff were born and raised in Ojochal, so whether your home is in Phase 5, or on one of the public roads, we will know where the home is (and probably know the history of the property).

Services Available

Anyone looking for an Ojochal Property Management can choose from one or all of our services including:

  • Full-service, turn-key, property management
  • Landscaping services - contracted or 'as-needed'
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Cleaning services (contracted or 'on demand')
  • Full-service vacation home rental management (from marketing, to cleaning to check-in/check-out).
  • Bill pay services

Owning in Ojochal is a wonderful life-luxury, regardless of the size of the home or the type of lot you own. Ojochal's mix of local Costa Rican's and ex-pats from around the world, make it one of the most eclectic towns in all of Costa Rica. Being located so close to Playa Tortuga (south and north entrances) , Reserva Playa Tortuga and Playa Ventanas provide owners in Ojochal amazing options of an afternoon at the beach.

We can provide contractual and scheduled services, or 'emergency' last-minute services. Let us handle all of the stress and possible frustrations of owning a lot or a home in Ojochal. We will keep your swimming pool clean and inviting, allowing you to simply enjoy the use of the pool while we look after the pH levels, the cleaning and general maintenance.

Some homeowners have existing support teams already in place and we will work with them as well. We will provide a written services contract explaining exactly what you want us to do. Additionally, we have great relationships with many of the landscapers and pool cleaners in the area who we work with all the time.

Ojochal Vacation Home Rental Management

We will promote and help generate vacation home rental income when  you are not using your home in Ojochal via our multiple websites, large vacation rental websites and local connections and relationships we have made throughout the ten-plus years of managing property. We will post and manage all inquires generated from VRBO, AirBnB and other sources. Some homeowners do not want their property on those websites and we will not post them - that is entirely up to the homeowner.

When we manage your property, we will provide recommendations to the owner, with everything in writing, before anything is done (unless it is an emergency service call).

Advantages of Osa Property Management

  • Our office is in Ojochal
  • Some staff were born and raised in Ojochal.
  • Bi-lingual staff.
  • Skilled staff to quickly repair most small issues.
  • Well connected and well respected in the community with other service providers (electricians, plumbers, other pool cleaning companies, other landscaping companies).
  • Experience. Over 15 years of property management in the area.
  • Staff lives close. Some of our staff lives in Ojochal and in Coronado. We are only minutes from your home.
  • Responsive to client and customer requests. One of our staff members is almost always available anytime via WhatsApp, email, phone calls or text messages.
  • Most professional Ojochal Property Management company in the area

Ojochal Vacation Rentals

Casa Aventura
Ojochal Sueños
ojochal vacation rental lluvia
Lluvia de Brasas
ojochal rental villa promesa pool
Available in 2020! Villa de Promesa

Experts in Ojochal Property Management and Ojochal Vacation Rentals

Casa Aventura, Ojochal Vacation Rental

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Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal Property Management

Osa Property Management Experts  have lived and managed homes in the region for over 16 years. Not only do we live here, but we are one of the few LEGAL property management companies in the area with legally working, full-time, and fully insured employees (this protects YOU from potential legal problems also).

Our Team will ensure your property is well-maintained and actively rented (if you want to offer your home as a vacation rental).

We are focused on Hatillo, Dominical, Playa Hermosa, Uvita, San Buenas, Chontales and Ojochal property management.

We offer:

We ensure our clients, whether renting a home, or buying Costa Rica real estate to develop, have a positive experience.

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