Our Uvita Property Management Team

Osa Property Management and our Uvita Property Management and Quepos Property Management teams offer clients in Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Ojochal, Uvita, Dominical, Ballena, Tres Rios, San Buenaventura, and Chontales all the services needed for homeowners and their visitors.

The Team

Nick Halverson


Nick Halverson has over 13 years of Costa Rica real estate development. He has attended and received his certification from the CCCBR real estate training (see photo at the bottom of the page) in San Jose, Costa Rica, to learn about the proper way to buy, sell and own real estate in Costa Rica.

For the past 13 years, Nick Halverson has learned all of the proper and legal ways to develop Costa Rica real estate and property management in the Chontales, Ojochal, Uvita areas and manage a customer network scattered around the globe. Nick is the majority owner of Villas San Buenas, a 150-acre real estate development located in San Buenaventura de Osa, Costa Rica. It is adjacent to San Buenas Golf Resort. He also has his Economics and Management degree from Cornell University and his MBA from Indiana University Kelley School of Management.


Osa Property Management

Abigail Vargas

Director of Operations

Abigail is a bilingual (Spanish and English) resident of the Osa Peninsula in the southern pacific region of Costa Rica. She was born and raised in the Ojochal, Uvita, Coronado area and had first-hand experience and knowledge of everything this beautiful part of Costa Rica offers. She studied English at “Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano” and at “Instituto de Lenguas y Tecnologia.”

She will help clients that are visiting to help facilitate your Costa Rica vacation home rental (check-in, check-out, line up tours, etc.). For those with a home we are managing, she will facilitate the maintenance schedules, cleaners and ensure bills are paid.


Hanz Cruz

Development & Consulting Services

Hanz Cruz was born and raised in San Isidro del General, Perez Zeledon, and is a key member of our Uvita Property Management Team. He has over 15 years of government and entrepreneurial experience in the San Isidro region.

Hanz was Vice Mayor of Perez Zeledon for 12 years and is currently President of the Perez Zeledon City Council.

In addition to his civic work, Hanz has owned El Tenedor restaurant in San Isidro for over 20 years.

Hanz’s knowledge of laws, regulations, permits, and land development, make him one of the most knowledgeable and experienced consultants in all of Costa Rica.

+506 8851 6891

Osa Property Management

Walter Espinoza

Construction Manager

Walter has over 20 years of construction and construction management experience. He oversees all construction, maintenance, and repair projects. A significant advantage of Osa Property Management over other property management companies in the area is that the majority of the most common problems or issues can be resolved with our team. This means that repairs are done quickly and affordably. Whether it is a toilet replacement, a new tile project, or painting a roof, Walter and our construction team can take care of it.

Walter grew up in Zancudo and lives in Coronado.


Osa Property Management

Jeremy Rodriguez

Customer Experience

Jeremy has five years of face-to-face customer experience and extensive local knowledge of the area. He is based in our Uvita office and handles some of our rental client check-ins, some administrative work and helps resolve any problems that our clients may have.

Jeremy grew up in San Buenaventura and currently lives in Cortes.


Osa Property Management

Stiven Rodriquez

Landscaper and Handyman

Stiven has spent the past 20 years working various jobs for property owners in the area. He is a trusted and hard-working employee who will lead landscaping crews and also assist on home repair issues.

Osa Property Management

Emmanuel Rodriguez

Administrative Manager
Uvita and Manuel Antonio


Osa Property Management

Ronny Monge

Property Manager/Trip Concierge (All)
Manuel Antonio


Osa Property Management

Henry Rodriguez

Property Manager
Manuel Antonio


Osa Property Management

Andrey Porras

Property Manager


Our Promise

Our Uvita Property Management Team is committed to hiring the best employees based on our Uvita Property Management services’ following characteristics.


Our employees are honest and constantly work to make the right decisions. We always do what is right and what is fair to the customers. We manage homeowner’s homes, finances, credit card numbers, assets, and other valuable items.

Customers trust us based on our performance. We provide honest feedback – not always feedback homeowners want to hear. It is the foundation of our company.


All of Osa Property Management employees are committed to our homeowners. Our employees are committed to getting the job done. They are committed to ensuring the homeowners and visitors have a wonderful experience in Costa Rica.

Problem Solvers

We never point out a problem or an issue. We always immediately follow it up with the recommended ‘next steps.’


We like to hire employees with experience in several industries to provide the best cross-functional solution to our homeowners. We have employees with experience in:

  • Launching and operating a multi-national company in a new country.
  • Working at an investment bank
  • Local real estate experience
  • Working at an ASADA to know the laws and regulations of water concessions
  • Building homes
  • Repair work including construction, painting, electrical and plumbing
  • Hospitality experience at exclusive resorts
  • Trip planning, customer interaction, traveling


Uvita Property Management Team members perform over 95% of all work performed on our homeowner customers’ homes. The advantages of this include:

  • Accountability. When a maintenance or routine job must be performed on your property, we will know and inform the homeowner when the work is completed. We don’t have to wait to hear back from a 3rd party vendor, which can be very time-consuming.
  • Warranty issues. If we perform the work, and an issue arises due to our work, we will cover the cost.
  • Trusted people in and around your home. It can be very nerve-wracking to have strangers in your home – and that uneasiness only intensifies when the home is in another country. We never allow 3rd party members into your home without an escort (or unless ordered by the homeowner). Since we perform most of the repairs and work on the homes we manage, we can assure you that nothing will be broken, stolen, or missing from your home by our employees.
Osa Property Management