Costa Rica Water Concessions

Know Water Concession Procedure

Costa Rica Water Concessions

Water is an essential resource for life, as well as for the development of
activities, works, and projects generating positive progress for the country’s welfare and development and its inhabitants.

In Costa Rica, water is the State’s property, and it is in the public domain. For this reason, the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), through the Water Directorate (DA), is the body in charge of safeguarding the water resource. The MINAE does this through integrated and sustainable management of the resource, guaranteeing its availability in quantity and quality necessary for the development that presents the country according to your needs.

A Concession of water is needed to take advantage of the water resource. Osa Property Management has extensive experience in the procedures and monitoring of water concessions and the feasibility application process, ensuring the client completes the process of water concession. Osa Property Management is here to assist you. Our dedicated team will make sure that you do not run into any surprises related to your property. You can trust that you will get accurate information and professional service.

We have highly trained personnel in the management and management of water resources, Surface and Underground Hydrology, and extensive expertise in water legislation. At the same time, we have experience in use and applications of geographic information, among others.


  • Water Concession Procedure before the Water Directorate.
  • Environmental Viability before Setena
  • Technical advice
  • Inscription of artisanal wells
  • Gauges
  • Georeferencing

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