Lower ICE Electricity Bills with EcoSense

ecosense costa rica 4000plus

How does EcoSense 4000+ work and Lower ICE Electricity Bills? What are some of the advantages of EcoSense?

Ecosense 4000+ has radio frequency connectivity with several optional accessories to maximize savings, including door and window sensors. It also uses infrared motion detection sensors to detect human presence and interacts with your air conditioner to help control the temperature and the amount of usage by the A/C unit. The A/C unit, connected to the EcoSense 4000+, will turn off if no movement is detected.

Each of the sensors is programmable. For example, most clients use a 30-minute limit (pre-sets of 15-, 30- and 60-minutes). That means that if the room is vacant for more than 30 minutes, the AC will power down with a remote repeater sensor. The AC is powered down and is not a hard shut-off (hard shut-offs are hard on air conditioning units). EcoSense reduces your carbon footprint, saves energy, reduces maintenance frequency, and saves you money.

What do the door and window sensors do?

The 4000+ EcoSense system can connect to up to eight window or door sensors. That means that if a window or a door with a sensor is open, the air conditioner will automatically turn off. When the doors and windows are closed, the A/C unit will turn back on automatically. This prevents guests from turning on an air conditioning unit, opening the doors or windows, which is highly wasteful, and as a property owner, very expensive. Another reason it can help Lower ICE Electricity Bills.

If a window or a door is open, the A/C unit will automatically shut off after three minutes.

All 4000+ accessories are wireless, with a battery life of over two years.

Will EcoSense work with my existing air conditioning unit(s)?

We focus on offering the 4000 and the 4000+ units as they are universally compatible with any air conditioner that can be controlled remotely. In Costa Rica, almost all homes and smaller commercial units use split A/C systems. The cooling units are mounted on a wall in each room that needs to be cooled, and a corresponding fan is connected outside the building.

The temperature, fan speed, and other features of the A/C unit are controlled by remote control.

EcoSense 4000/4000+ will work on those types of units.

  • Can I pair a different EcoSense model, besides the EcoSense 4000+ to window and door sensors? No. Only with the 4000+ units (which is why we focus on just those units). In addition, the 4000+ unit is expandable to add up to 8 sensors.
  • Will a new inverter A/C type unit work with an EcoSense 4000/4000+? Yes. The 4000 and 4000+ will work with any air conditioning system controlled via remote control.
  • Can Guests still use the A/C at night when they go to bed? Yes! In the bedrooms, you can choose to allow the guest to have partial or full use of the A/C through the night. Ecosense is designed to allow you to customize the settings to suit individual requirements.

How much money will I save by installing these units?

The exact financial amount varies depending on standard usage and your regular ICE bill in Costa Rica. What our experience is, however, is that the EcoSense systems will reduce the amount of time each A/C unit is running between 50% and 80%.

Another significant savings to consider is the reduced wear and tear on your existing air conditioning equipment. We estimate that the life expectancy should be increased by 30 to 50% and reduce downtime for servicing. Let us help Lower ICE Electricity Bills.

EcoSense Costa Rica
EcoSense Costa Rica

Property Managers LOVE EcoSense!

One of the most significant and frustrating phone calls that property managers receive is from renters complaining about “dripping condensation from the air conditioner.” This condensation is often caused by renters running the air conditioner at maximum speed for long periods. The solution is simple: turn the unit off and give the unit a break. However, many renters turn the air conditioner on and let it run all day long – even if they’re outside the home on tours all day.

Anyone who rents their home out on AirBnB, Vrbo, or other platforms, knows that one of the biggest hurdles in profitability is the cost of electricity in Costa Rica. ICE is the sole provider of electricity in Costa Rica, and their rates are pretty high. When guests are on vacation, they rarely consider the cost of running the air conditioner non-stop, all day.

Can my rental clients disable the EcoSense system?

No. Not without very invasive and potentially damaging actions. The clients would have to remove the A/C casing, find the infrared transmitter and then disconnect it. The systems are almost tamper-proof.

Is there a guarantee for EcoSense?

Yes! All EcoSense products have a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

Please note: If the EcoSense system should stop working, the A/C unit will work as it usually would without an EcoSense system attached to it.

Do I have to hire an electrician to install the 4000+ system? Can I do it myself?

Installation must be done by one of our installation experts or an approved installer. This will ensure that the warranty is still valid. If you try to install the system yourself, the warranty will be voided (exceptions apply but must be agreed to, in writing, prior to installation).

Do I need an EcoSense unit for each one of my air conditioning units?

Yes. To take advantage of the energy savings (and cost savings), every air conditioning unit should be installed with an EcoSense 4000+

Living in Costa Rica, it is not unusual to have power outages. Does this affect the EcoSense system?

No. EcoSense uses a technology called “rolling default”. When the power returns, EcoSense is programmed to return to the previous settings.

What if I have to change the batteries? Do I have to reprogram anything?

If anyone changes the batteries, the system will automatically go back to the previous settings. No reprogramming or setup is necessary.

Does installing EcoSense impact the warranty on my air conditioning units?

No. Installing an EcoSense system does not involve connecting to or interfacing with the internal wiring of your existing air conditioning units. The EcoSense system only connects to the power supply that feeds your air conditioning unit with power.

Does installing EcoSense impact the warranty on my air conditioning units?

No. Installing an EcoSense system does not involve connecting to or interfacing with the internal wiring of your existing air conditioning units. The EcoSense system only connects to the power supply that feeds your air conditioning unit with power.

Can I adjust it for when family or friends are using the property?

Yes. It is possible to disable the controller temporarily.

How does EcoSense work at night? Will the A/C work at night?


There are three different settings for the night mode with a door closed.

  1. The AC will be controlled by the eco-sense the same as during the day, so in this mode, the AC will shut off if there is no one in the room after 15, 30 min, or 1 hour after they leave (depending on how you want it programmed).
  2. We can program it in night mode, waiting for 2 hours to shut off if no movement is detected. This is mode is designed so the AC will work if there is someone in the room sleeping (as long as they move every 2 hours in their sleep)
  3. Recommended. The motion sensors at night do not control the AC. This is so the AC will run throughout the night even if the guests are asleep.
  4. Note the door/window sensors still work in this mode.