During your vacation in Costa Rica, Osa Property Management has got you covered!

It’s no secret that when you are traveling, you need a place to stay. In an ever-changing world, this will always be a constant. 

Now the question is, where will you stay? 

This can be so overwhelming to many travelers. With so many options in today’s world, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a place.

Typically, you resort to thinking you’ll find a hotel to stay in during your vacation.

Staying in a hotel can be so expensive though! There are also so many additional fees that are included with booking a hotel room.

Many guests pay for a resort fee and never even use the amenities! 

However, there are so many lodging alternatives nowadays. So please, take advantage of them.

By choosing the homes in our favorite beautiful areas of: Manuel Antonio/Quepos, Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal, Tres Rios and San Buenas, we’ve basically done the research for you.

We know our homes and the location of them are such a great option for travelers. 

In general though, vacation rentals, or holiday homes as some refer to them as, are a great alternative to staying in a hotel. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper into this.

For starters, vacation rentals are versatile. 

If you’re traveling as a family, let’s face it, having additional bathrooms and bedrooms is considered a luxury. 

However, unlike a hotel,  this is so easily attainable with a vacation rental. No more fights over who’s going to the bathroom first–now that’s a relief!

Vacation rentals are personable. 

We have property managers that are available to assist and focus on you during your stay, should you need it of course. 

We provide a great amount of care into all of our properties.

So since vacation rentals do have positive qualities, why is it that some guests are still unsure? 

One word: FEAR.

It may look scarier than it is. Fear can stop us all in our tracks-I know. It’s easier to go with what 

we know, rather than trying something new. 

But without risk, there is no reward. Honestly though, I would not even put the word “risk” in association with a vacation

rental, especially not ours. So maybe instead I should say, without trying there is no triumph?

Let’s go ahead and address these fears head-on. 

There are 4 top fears guests have with booking a vacation rental. 

Osa Property Management is here to help you overcome any fears you may have.

1. Fear of getting sick

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The fear of getting sick can happen anywhere. That is just a fact of life. 

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone on high alert with continuing to practice good hygiene…absolutely everywhere they can. 

We implement the absolute safest hygienic standards in all of our homes. Just to name a few, during our cleaning process, we disinfect all surfaces such as: faucets,  lightswitches, countertops, etc. 

Our extensive cleaning measures are extremely effective.

The low number of illnesses that have occurred from guests staying at vacation rental homes is significantly lower than in shared buildings.

You’ll be safe and in the cleanest environment possible with our properties. 

2. Fear of getting scammed

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We all work hard for our money. It’s understandable that you want to ensure your booking is secure. 

We have an online booking system directly on our website. We highly encourage our guests to book directly through us. 

When you book through Costa Rica Las Villas directly, you are guaranteed the lowest price.

The other third party websites always have additional hidden fees. This is why we recommend you book directly through us.

We know it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure that your booking payment options online with us are with a secured and trusted system. 

3. Fear of deceiving property photos and/or descriptions

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When going on a vacation, you want to be confident in where you are staying. Don’t we all?

It’s important for us to highlight the unique characteristics of our properties.

  • Location
  • Distance to restaurants
  • Distance to the beach
  • Views
  • And more!

We give you extremely accurate and detailed descriptions so that there is minimal room for error and we make sure you can see all of the photos taken of our properties, this way there is no room for surprises. 

We like to provide you with security and affirmation of what the property looks like–inside and out.

4.Feeling stressed or worried leaving home

Home Sweet Home

Traveling is a fun and exciting time for most, but  there are some that get a bit of anxiety.

We understand that travel can be a lot. Things like flying, road tripping, taking a train, and other methods of transportation can be stressful at times.

This build up of anxious feelings will have you wondering constantly how you’ll relax away from home. 

Remember, we’re all here to overcome and face our fears. 

So what we do is ensure that your vacation rental is homey. You will feel like your vacation home is truly your home away from home.

Dip into our own private pool. Listen to the calming sounds of the waves. 

We design all of our homes in a way that you would your own home.

We know that décor can really make a space feel cozy.


Well, there you have it–these are the things that have held back some travelers from booking a vacation rental home. 

We want to change that for you. 

Our website is designed to help you make a confident decision when booking with us. 

Check out all our available homes at Costa Rica Las Villas.