Choosing the Right Property Manager in Costa Rica

Richard Bexon, Host of the popular Costa Rica podcast Costa Rica Real Estate and Investments recently interviewed Osa Property Management CEO Nick Halverson for his podcast. The topic was Choosing the Right Property Manager in Costa Rica to Maximize Revenue.

Nick Halverson and Richard Bexon have almost 40 years of combined real estate investing experience in Costa Rica. Nick has real estate development experience as he finalizes permitting on a 200+ home real estate development near the Osa Golf Course.

Richard oversees large commercial and residential real estate projects, for both local investors and ex-pats. He has also built a loyal following with his popular podcast about investment in real estate in Costa Rica.

If anyone is looking at choosing the right property manager in Costa Rica we would definitely recommend listening to this podcast.

There are plenty of Costa Rica property management companies to choose from, however, a large majority are actually illegally operating. Unfortunately, these illegally operating property management companies due more harm than good for the local community and for the Owners they manage on behalf of. Please contact Osa Property Management and/or listen to this podcast to if you want clarification of what is required.

One of the important requirements for all legal property management companies is SUGEF registration. SUGEF is a financial regulatory agency that ensure that property management companies are not co-mingling funds.

We hope you enjoy the podcast! Everyone here at Osa Property Management encourages Costa Rica Homeowners to contact us for their property management and vacation rental needs.

Pura vida!