The following table is provides an overview of the Costa Rica Driving Laws 2021. The driving laws are enforced to all citizens, those with residency and visitors and travelers. When visiting Costa Rica, or renting a car here, please be aware that there are enforced driving rules.

Driving ViolationPenalty Fine in Costa Rica Colones
NOTE: 1US$ = ~600 CRC
Not wearing a seat belt¢ 110.729
Talking on a cell phone while driving¢ 110.729
Transporting children under 12 years old that are less than 1.45 meters tall without using special safety devices (child seats)¢ 221.458
Parking next a yellow line/no parking area¢ 54.805
Overtaking or passing a vehicle in a curve, over double lines, railroad crossings or bridges¢ 327.713
Motorcycles and mopeds overtaking in the middle of the rows of vehicles at a speed higher than 25 km/h¢ 110,729
Motorcycles or ATVs/’quads’ carrying children under 5 years old¢ 221.458
To the cyclist that circulates on a highway with a speed superior to 80 km/h¢ 54.805
Disrespecting exclusive lanes¢ 54.805
Disrespecting crosswalks¢ 54.805
Driving with excess passengers, according to the maximum capacity of the vehicle¢ 110.729
Drunk driving above 0.75 grams of alcohol per liter of blood
NOTE: in addition, a judge can sentence you to a prison term of between 1 and 3 years. Confiscation of vehicle and driver’s license suspension for 2 years.
¢ 327.713
Drunk driving between 0.5 and 0.74 grams of alcohol per liter of blood¢ 327.713
Driving a vehicle without a fire extinguisher, two triangles or a safety reflective vest¢ 23.488
Driving without carrying the vehicle documents¢ 54.805
Driving without a license for the vehicle you are driving¢ 54.805
Who, with a foreign license, circulates for more than three months, without obtaining the national license¢ 54.805
Offering public transportation without authorization¢ 110.729
Driving with an expired license¢ 327.713
Driving with a suspended license (and the vehicle is withdrawn from circulation)¢ 327.713
Avoid paying toll¢ 23.488
Misusing the horn¢ 23.488
Throwing garbage from a vehicle/littering ¢ 23.488
Using loudspeakers without permission¢ 23.488
Driving a vehicle on a beach¢ 54.805
Damaged headlights or blinkers. ¢ 23.488
Driving a vehicle that doesn’t have Marchamo¢ 54.805
Not wearing a safety helmet (those on a bicycle or a motorcycle)¢ 110.729
Driving a motorcycle or a bicycle without a reflective vest¢ 54.805
Driving without using headlights between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am. ¢ 110.729
Using rotating beacons without permission¢ 54.805
Tailgating/not keeping enough distance between the vehicle in front of you¢ 23.488
Make an U-turn where not allowed¢ 327.713
Driving with 20 km/h or more exceeding the speed limit¢ 54.805
Driving 40 km/h (~24 mph) or more over the posted speed limit¢ 221.458
Driving 25 km/h (15 mph) or more over the speed limit in a school zone¢ 110.729
Driving faster than 120 km/h (anywhere). 120kmh = 72 mph¢ 327.713
Driving through, ignoring or not stopping at a red light or at a stop sign¢ 221.458
Passing on the right side of a road, when there are two existing directions of traffic. ¢ 221.458
Purposely driving below the speed limit the goal of causing congested roads. (tortuguismo)¢ 110,729
Driving without a driver’s license (and the vehicle is impounded)¢ 110.729