Traveler Requirements to Enter Costa Rica have been established for several months now. Ever since COVID19 forced the Costa Rican government to close its borders in March 2020, the rules of re-opening the borders has been under constant analysis. As of now, February 7, 2021, there are several items that all travelers need to enter Costa Rica. For Costa Rica citizens and for those with Residency in Costa Rica, the rules are a bit different.

Ministerio de Salud logo and link to fill out health pass to Costa Rica.

Requirements for Travelers and Non-Residence

Valid Passport

As with all travel to Costa Rica, travelers must have a valid passport. Travelers should make sure that their passport is valid for at least another six months from the time of entry into Costa Rica.

Health Pass

A health pass is required by the Costa Rica Health Ministry (Ministerio de Salud). Every passenger must fill out a digital form. The questionnaire will ask every passenger for this information:

  • Legal name
  • General health questions
  • Flight number
  • Airline
  • Date of travel
  • email address

Once all of that information is provided, a document will be emailed to each traveler. In the PDF document there will be a QR Code that the immigration official in Costa Rica will scan. In addition, representatives from the airlines flying into Costa Rica may ask for proof before allowing passengers to board the flight.

The Health Pass can be filled out anytime within 48 hours of arrival into Costa Rica airport.

Costa Rica health pass and QR code
QR Code from Costa Rica Ministry of Health

Mandatory Medical, Travel and Lodging Insurance

Travel and COVID insurance is now a requirement for all visitors to Costa Rica. The insurance policy must be approved by Costa Rica Institute of Tourism (ICT). The insurance must have the following clauses:

  • Medical coverage for up to $50,000 of medical expenses if the traveler contracts COVID19
  • A minimum coverage of $2,000 for lodging in Costa Rica if the traveler contracts COVID19. This amount can be more than $2,000 and it is recommended that it cover at least 14 days of lodging (hotel, vacation rental home, etc).

Requirements for Citizens and Residents

Health Pass

A health pass form and QR Code is necessary for Citizens and Residents also.

Because Citizens and Residents already must have health insurance provided by the Costa Rica government via the CAJA, that requirement is not verified at the airport by immigration. If a Resident is in arrears, they have 22 days to pay, if they fail to pay in time, their Residency can be revoked.

Please note, masks must be worn in all areas of the airport in Costa Rica.

Here’s a video link that was produced by the Costa Rica Tourism Institute.

Video explaining Traveler Requirements to Enter Costa Rica